May, 2019. To celebrate our 4 years spent in the Mile End in Montreal, we had the ambitious idea to paint a mural, - no, THE biggest mural painted by a woman in Canada with the Canadian artist Ola Volo.

Mixing visual art, clothing items and gathering events, this project represented everything we wanted to build with Le Cartel since 2015 : a new creative ecosystem where different styles get married with harmony.

And... we made it! After one month of hard work, we launched this incredible mural. Illustrating Un mois plus tard, nous inaugurions cette murale incroyable. Combining her fine style, her imagination and some souvenirs from her past life in this neighbourhood, Ola wanted to promote the Mile End cultural and artistic diversity, and the distinctive fauna and flora: 

“Mile End has been an inspiring place to live and to practice my artistic craft. It made me feel empowered and supported for taking a risk on pursuing a creative career. This piece was inspired by many aspect of Mile end - the flower shop with many empty bird cages- which to me symbolizes freedom to fly - just as creative people have the freedom to express themselves. The rail tracks that aline Mile End and mark us as a community - the rail tracks circle the main character to reflect the concept of the neighbourhood. As well, the buildings that differentiate Montreal from any other place in the world. The Main character is confident, positive, creative, stylish, feminine and is a contributor to making sure all bird cages stay open to inspire freedom to fly and freedom to creatively express yourself. ”

Come to see the murale on the North Face of the Carré de Gaspé - 5605 Avenue de Gaspé in Montreal.